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Some ways to reduce the cost of your cover

Transfer to a cheaper insurance policy with my insurance company
We'll Look at your cover to see if you have options to transfer to better or lower cost cover with the same insurer
Pay less for the best insurance cover if you're a SuperGold cardholder.
Check the options to stop your premiums from increasing each year
SuperGold cardholders can get free advice from an insurance expert to help lower the cost of cover
Review deductible excess options and make sure you have the most economical policy Structure
Supergold card discount on insurance. Bring my insurance premiums down

"I have dealt with Bryan and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and enlightening when it comes to insurance matters. His ability to source value whilst not sacrificing quality has been appreciated."

Cavan Palmer - Waikato

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Expert advice

Vesta advisers have over 35 years industry experience


Our focus is on helping you keep your cover for the long-term


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We work with all the major insurers

SuperGold card reduce their premiums without reapplying for cover
Senior life insurance help with lowering the cost SuperGold cardholder
SuperGold card get covered for health issues. the best for cheap.

How pre-existing conditions might affect you if you applied for new cover.

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