Find out if we can cover your pre-existing health issues after 3 years

Cover my pre-existing health issues - cataract, bunion, haemorrhoids, hernia, kidney stones, breast lump, gallstones, wisdom teeth, gynaecological, hepatitis, migraine, UTI, varicose veins

Offer includes a 10% permanent discount - expires 30 June 2021

* Terms & Conditions

Have you suffered one of these?

- Cardiovascular condition
- Cancer
- Hip or knee condition
- Back condition
- Transplant surgery
- Reconstructive surgery 

nib will cover pre-existing health issues

"I have absolutely no regret in recommending Vesta to friends who are looking to buy or switch health insurance cover. My dealings with him have been excellent with the best thing being, the so much cheaper premiums than I was paying before, with the same conditions. Even for the one claim I have made, Bryan went out of his way to help me which was all settled promptly."

Gaye - Auckland

About the offer

Many pre-existing conditions Covered

You'll be fully covered for pre-existing health issues after 3 years as long as they aren't one of a defined list of conditions

Permanent 10% discount

Vesta will include a premium discount of 10% to apply for the life of your policy.

Limited time offer

The offer will expire 30 June 2021 and won't be extended. Contact Vesta now if you want to take up this offer.

Why Vesta

Ease - We do most of the work for you so you can get on with life.

Independent - We work for you, not the insurer. We have to put your interests first.

Claims assistance - We help at claim time. Our objective is to get your claim paid

Cost - We're paid by the insurer. We've discounted the commission so you pay less.

nib will cover your cataracts after 3 years with health insurance

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