Stemcell treatment- an alternative to joint replacement?

Although not currently covered by most medical insurance there are alternative, less invasive, treatments to consider.

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Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative Medicine is cutting-edge, science-based, medical technology that uses your own adult stems cells to stimulate your body’s natural repair mechanisms to help heal damage from injury or ageing

The $12,500 shoulder: The science behind fixing an All Black

By Natalie Akoorie, New Zealand Herald 3 August 2019

The doctor who helped get All Black Owen Franks back on the field in time for the Rugby World Cup through stem cell treatment was initially sceptical about the science.

Dr Hassan Mubark had been treating a 72-year-old woman for osteoarthritis of the knee when he decided to try the technique which is proving successful internationally.

Following the treatment the woman no longer needed medication because her pain was gone and she could walk unaided.
"I didn't believe it and then I did the X-ray ... and there were signs of healing."

That was two years ago and a turning point for Mubark, whose interest in musculoskeletal and sport medicine drew him to pure expanded stem cell treatment.

Franks, who tore his right shoulder while playing for the Crusaders in April, said he decided on the treatment to keep his chances of making the Rugby World Cup alive. The tournament in Japan starts next month.

All Black Stem Cell treatment

TVNZ Seven Sharp

TVNZ's Seven Sharp ran a story on this procedure in February 2019. The Specialist Rheumatologist appearing in the story is Dr Hassan Mubark from ReGen Cellular.

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