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$100,000 Life insurance claim declined for not declaring illness he didn't have

Sometimes insurers can decline a claim for seemingly obscure reasons.

One of Vesta's existing clients passed away suddenly from an undiagnosed heart condition. Other than being a smoker, he appeared to be a healthy 59-year-old with nothing remarkable in his past health history. We submitted the claim for the family expecting that it would be accepted quickly and without issue.

Move my old Sovereign policy to the latest AIA plan
Terminal illness claim paid after client cancelled his Life insurance policy

This is a short, but rather sad, story about a claim we helped get paid after the client had written to the insurer to cancel his policy.

It was late January and a client of another insurance adviser found himself in financial difficulty so had taken the all too common step of asking his insurer to cancel his policy.

No more insurance cowboy brokers
$500,000 Life insurance claim declined by bank for non-disclosure

I'm probably biased but I think anyone who buys life insurance from a bank is asking for trouble.

Not only are the products they sell almost always inferior to the rest of the market but you are also in a precarious position. You're only able to choose from the bank's products and are being advised by an employee adviser whose first loyalty is to their employer. 

Cancer in the water NZ
'Ineligible' disablement claim paid with some expert no-how 

This ex-client's wife contacted us to ask us to review their need for the life & total & permanent disablement (TPD) policy they'd had in place for many years. The TPD sum insured was $700,000. The premiums had grown to over $1,100 per month and affordability was an issue given that he had developed Parkinson's Disease and had been forced to retire.

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