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A damning report on the life insurance industry
(1 Feb 2019)

In January 2019 the Financial Markets Authority and the Reserve Bank issued a joint report on Life Insurer Conduct and Culture. The report makes some damning assertions about the industry...  [MORE}

5 Reason why level life insurance for teens is a genius idea
(8 Feb 2019)

Let’s get one thing straight. No child needs life insurance.
However, there are some very good reasons why making the tactical decision to buy life insurance for the kids is a smart move [MORE]

7 (less obvious) ways to fight your declined claim
1 Feb 2019

You may have heard in the media last year about insurance claims that have been declined by insurers for what appear to be very poor reasons. In this article we will talk about why claims are sometimes declined and give an example of some of the recent advocacy work we've done to get client's claims paid. [MORE]

Funeral Cover - Is there a cheaper way?
4 Feb 2019

If there’s one thing that can be guaranteed – it’s that there’ll be a funeral cover advert running throughout the day on most national television channels. It’s a popular and profitable market for most insurers because they know that older clients are keen to ensure there is enough cash available at short notice to cover their final expenses.[MORE]